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13-03-14 Statement from MAG'S National Committee
M.A.G. (UK) Ltd was recently the Respondent in an Employment Tribunal case brought by former staff Nich Brown, Paddy Tyson and Louisa Smith. The claimants obtained a judgment in their favour for constructive unfair dismissal.

11-03-14 MAG Victory for UK bikers - Common Sense Work on 'Killer Kerbs' is brought to a halt

A precedent setting 'cycling safety' proposal to install raised curb ridges between lanes on UK roundabouts, which could injure or kill bikers, has been brought to a dramatic halt by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

17-02-14 Brian Hampton E-Petition
You may have heard about the death of Jade Clark, a 16-year-old who was killed when she was hit by Brian Hampton, on the A31 while on her moped travelling to work in February 2013. Banned for drink-driving at the time, Hampton not only didn’t stop,

05-02-14 MAG applauds the efforts of the ‘Grass Up A Bike Thief’ team
The latest issue of MAG’s magazine, The ROAD, carries a story about the recovery of a stolen motorcycle that had been taken from a world traveller who was visiting Swansea.

29-01-14 Helmet laws: not a question of safety, but a question of liberty
Lembit Öpik, the Motorcycle Action Group’s (MAG) Director of Communications & Public Affairs, has spoken out against the implied imposition of a mandatory helmet law for cyclists.

23-01-14 MAG News release – MAG Dispels the great Vehicle Excise Duty myth

Yesterday, MAG learned – via sources at the DVLA and an MP, that the Government is using the scrapping of the tax disc to pretend that Vehicle Excise Duty belongs to the owner and not the vehicle.

23-01-14 The Brighton Speed Trials will be going ahead this year.
Lembit Öpik, MAG's Director of Communications and Public Affairs visited Brighton earlier this month, with National Chairman John Mitchell (who's also the South East Region Rep) to see the area for himself.

06-01-14 Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) investigates the case for defending annual Brighton Speed Trials against potential cancellation.
Local motorcycling campaigners MAG have entered the fray over the contentious proposals to ban the Brighton Speed trials.

23-11-13 Lembit Öpik adds passion and power to MAG's Communications and Campaigns Team

Former MP Lembit Öpik is renowned for his ‘full-on’ approach to all he does. Now he’s channelling his irrepressible drive to protect and promote two core passions: Liberty and Motorcycling. Lembit joins MAG's newly streamlined team of professionals. Their mission is to take a leading role to stand up to threats to riders' rights and expand the use of motorcycles and scooters in the UK.

03-10-13 > MAG finds silver lining to bike ban dark cloud in Brent

MAG has made great progress in getting two types of bans on motorcycling lifted in the London borough of Brent.

21-09-13 Motorcyclists meet over A40 concerns
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) held a meeting on Sunday the 15th September in Llandovery after concerns were raised by locals about accident statistics along the A40 between Brecon and Llandeilo.

21-09-13 Two year sentence for causing death by careless driving
The Motorcycle Action Group is pleased that Brian Hampton has been brought to Justice over causing the death of 16 year old Jade Clark, while driving his Volvo XC90 in February this year. However, they feel the sentence handed down by Judge Samuel Wiggs, is woefully inadequate

10-09-13 Driver killed motorway biker by slowing to just 10mph - Update
MAG is disappointed that the Attorney General has decided not to revisit the lenient sentencing of a motorist whose actions led to the death of a motorcyclist.

09-09-13 MAG News Release – Rainsford Road Motorcycle Ban
MAG is currently in dialogue at a senior level with Brent Council. At avery positive meeting, MAG's transport policy advisor Dr. Leon Mannings learned of the very real problems Brent Council and the police have had to deal with to ensure the safety of all road users.

24-08-13 Motorcycles Banned from Public Road in Rainford. North London.
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is concerned about the decision to close a public access road to motorcyclists specifically because of the behaviour of a small group of people.

17-08-13 Poitical volunteers
MAG is looking to recruit volunteers to adopt specific political projects.We need people who can work on their own initiative and provide coherent reports